Correctional Facilities

There is always a concern about naked flames and the availability of flammable liquids in detention centres and correctional facilities. We have designed the wall mounted CIG-SS(T) unit and the recessed CIG-TR(T) unit to enable correctional centres to remove the threats caused by lighters and matches.

The Ciglow™ units are placed in a supervised area which confine smokers to a certain area and enable them to be monitored.

The problems these facilities face from matches and lighters can include fire that may harm other inmates, officers, prison cells and equipment. Melting plastic items to be used as weapons, using the liquid from disposable lighters as weapons, suicide attempts, increasing tension among prisoners when facilities to light a cigarette are not available.

All of the above can potentially lead to confrontations and even rioting.

As well as the reduction in potential threat Ciglow™ flameless lighters can help improve efficiency and morale in the facility because guards and officers spend much less time overseeing or monitoring inmates when they are having a cigarette.