Oil & Gas

Ciglow Industrial Services strive to deliver a safe working environment across a range of industries where stakeholders are extremely susceptible to the risks caused by unsafe working practices.Since 1966 we have been creating bespoke equipment to protect workers and patrons from the threat posed by naked flames. These include oil and gas, refining and chemicals, power generation, storage and warehousing, health and social care and correctional facilities. Find the products designed for your industry below or click here to see our product range.

We have specifically designed the CIG-UN(T) and CIG-7N(T) units for the industries. As the units are not required to be tamperproof or recessed we have been able to concentrate design on creating a hard wearing, durable, easily interchangeable and maintainable unit for the lowest possible price.

The units come in a high visibility red casing that has been specially designed to be lighter than our other units for faster, easier transportation and greater portability once on site. The elements can be instantly changed with a simply plug-in or screw in required. All our units are in stock and available for immediate delivery.