Storage & Industrial

We provide flameless cigarette lighters to warehouses, factories and storage facilities around the globe. Our flameless cigarette lighters enable companies to control the flow of flammable gas and materials into the workplace. This is especially advantageous in an industry where fire would be catastrophic to the business.

It is a breach of human rights to prevent your employees from smoking and there isn’t always a clear solution to the hazards caused by unsolicited smoking in such a hazardous environment. By installing Ciglow units into either specified smoking areas or into smoking shelters you can protect your company’s assets from fire and allow smoking on site to take place in a controlled environment. This creates both a safe work place and promotes equality among smokers.

Ciglow have designed the CIG-UN and CIG-7N units for the use in warehousing and industrial environments. The units are made to provide the best possible value for money whilst retaining the ability to be easily maintained by the end users.