About Ciglow

Ciglow Flameless lighters specialise in safety cigarette lighters that protect potentially hazardous environments from the risks posed by fire and eliminate the potential for users in vulnerable environments to do harm to themselves or others around them by eliminating naked flames and flammable equipment from the workplace. Ciglow offer wall mounted or freestanding cigarette lighters to suit all needs be it windproof, waterproof or tamperproof electronic lighters. Ciglow™ lighters have been developed through strong working relationships with industry leaders in order to design units focused on their industry specific needs. Through this work Ciglow™ offers the best possible standards of fire prevention and hazard reduction for a large number of individual industries including:

What We Do

Ciglow Industrial Services strive to deliver a safe working environment across a range of industries where stakeholders are extremely susceptible to the risks caused by unsafe smoking practices.

We supply a number of units such as self contained units for smoking shelters, tamperproof units for high risk environments up to marine grade IP66 weather rated units for use in the harshest conditions. Ciglow™ flameless lighter units empower employers to eliminate the use of uncontrolled naked flames so they can provide a safe smoking environment.

Our low voltage flameless lighters reduce the risks of flammable equipment being used to inflict personal harm or injury to others through tamperproof systems that will not facilitate fire. It is this holistic approach to fire prevention that’s makes us confident we have a product to meet your exact requirements.

Where We Do It

As an AEO approved company Ciglow™ Flameless Lighters are sold to over 50 countries worldwide including 41 national governments and more than 30 FTSE 100 companies from our headquarters in the UK and offices in New York and across Asia. Ciglow™ flameless lighters are used by many government organisations all over the world including the British NHS.

Our Values

Ciglow Industrial Services adheres to a common set of values and a long tradition of industry innovation. Taking care of Health Safety and the Environment (HSE) is a core value with each and every employee committed to promote better HSE performance through their daily actions.

We at Ciglow™ believe excellent attention to HSE and profitability go hand in hand with the highest possible standards of HSE to help create long term value by offering secure working conditions that provide a competitive advantage, desirable workplace and sustained profitability.

It is our company’s mantra to constantly develop technology that puts a stop to incidents that can injure people, damage property, harm the environment and tarnish your reputation.