Health & Social Care

Ciglow™ supply wall mounted flameless lighter units to private and government run care homes including NHS trusts.

Our units are available with timers and with controlled timers. Timed units were designed for resident’s who find it challenging to compress the operation button for the required cycle. The timed units have a seven second heating period that runs from a single press of the button.

The units are also available with a controlled timer option which provides a guaranteed element warranty of 12 months. The control timer heats the element for a specific time then automatically initiates a shut down which allows the element to cool down thus prolonging the lifespan of the element in situations where residents may repetitively press the button. Ciglow units work on a warm glow and will not facilitate fire even when foreign objects such as twigs or tissue is inserted into the aperture.

The CIG-TR(T) units can be recessed into a wall or encased in fencing to reduce the hazard caused from protruding edges especially necessary where residents are liable to falls. All CIG-SS(T) and CIG-TR(T) units come with the option of tamperproof security screws.