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CIG-WMB - Wall Mounted Cigarette Bin


CIG-WMB - Wall Mounted Cigarette Bin

An attractive, wall-mounted, weather-resistant solution for controlling smokers' waste. The ashtray has an integrated extinguishing plate, and is made with a fire-safe galvanized steel inner liner, which minimises the risk of fires and smoke.

Available in heavy-gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel construction or stainless steel.

Complete with key lock to prevent tampering

Easy to service - no bending and no tools required, simply unlock, tilt and lift the chamber from the base unit.


  • Eliminates the risk of fire associated with open top ash trays
  • Recessed extinguishing screen prevents ash from falling on the ground
  • Lockable front prevents tampering
  • Smaller than other smokers' waste bins, thus reducing amount of space required
  • Made of weather-resistant galvanised or stainless steel
  • Bottom hinged front door allows for easy access to internal fire safe liner
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Butt Capacity: 300
  • Dimensions: 317 mm x 254 mm x 76 mm
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