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Additional and Replacement Parts


Additional and Replacement Parts

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CIG-EN66 - IP66 rated Lockable enclosure

IP65 Rated enclosure recommended for housing Ciglow CIG-UN model. The enclosure is suitable for secure applications as it can be locked when the unit is not in use to avoid vandalism or injury.

Box Dimensions: 300 (h) x 200 (w) x 160mm (d)

CIG-SOL - 12v 10W Solar Battery Charger

• Converts daylight into electricity to charge Ciglow battery unit
• Suitable for trickle charging
• Requires only daylight (not direct sunlight)
• Amorphous solar panel charges even in cloudy and overcast weather
• Blocking diode prevents reverse charging and protects battery discharge at night
• Pre-cut holes for easy mounting
• Link up to 10 panels together for increased power
• Ideal for indoor and outdoor use (IP65 rated)

Solar-powered 12v 10W Battery charger


  • Raised Push Button and Control Block
  • Recessed Push Button and Contact Block
  • Vandal resistant push button
  • Lockable enclosure
  • Anti-tamper screws
  • Fused Isolation switch
  • Tuscan Groundskeeper Cigarette waste bin

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